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Main Features


1: Hand Blender Mixer Set to help you become a kitchen master,

2: Magnetic DC motor, two-gear speed adjustment,

3: Made of food grade material, non-toxic and safe to use,

4: Cover-type cutter head to prevent chopped food from spattering,

5: Control Mode: button, two gears optional


Product Name: Hand Blender Mixer Set

Product Model: CD-HB01

Power Supply Mode: Plug-In (Chinese Standard Plug)

Cup Volume: 800mL

Control Mode: Two-gear Key Operation

Rated Power: 420W

Rated Voltage: 220V-240V, 50HZ/60HZ

Load Speed: 12500rpm/min

Main Functions: Stir, Whisk, Chopping


1 X User Manual in Chinese
1 X Storage Rack
1 X Shredded Component
1 X Mixing Cup
1 X Egg Whisk
1 X Stir Bar
1 X Main Maching

About the Warranty

We provide 3 Months Warranty.If the item is defective, please inform us within 5 days after delivery,you can ship the item back to us, we will offer you full refund or replacement after we get the item in original condition. we will pay you the shipping fee.Item after 5 days of delivery is only eligible for free repair.The buyer need take the responsibility for all shipping cost.


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