Non-slip Sofa Towel Autumn and Winter Wide-brimmed Rabbit Fur Sofa Cushion FabricSimple Plush Sofa Cover Custom


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Main Features

please note

the price is 1 pcs sofa cover, not all.every part of the sofa needs to be purchased separately

The size of sofa covers you choose should be 20~30cm bigger than the

actual size of the sofa. The residual part can be hung down to protect the side of the

sofa or tucked under the sofa to prevent slipping.

1. Backrest

If P < 60cm , you can choose 70x70cm

If 60cm < P < 75cm , you can choose 90x90cm

If P > 75cm , you can choose 110x110cm

2. Armrest

Please choose armrest according to the dimension G*H

3. Seat Cover

Please choose F*(E+20cm) 1PC;B*(A+20cm) 1PC; C*(D+20cm) 1PC


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