Non-slip Rubber Mat with Dots Bathroom Accessories


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Main Features

This strong, non-slip mat is made of durable and resistant rubber. This material can hold the mat firmly in place during use, providing maximum safety and protection for any home or office. The mat is very easy to clean – simply spray it with a water hose.
The rubber mat is ideal for a variety of uses in domestic and industrial applications, including: protecting the trunk of cars or trailers; protecting the floor from scratches; serving as a non-slip floor in wet areas such as swimming pools and saunas; serving as a comfortable floor on farms for your poultry, etc.
Go home and you will need it in many situations.

Thickness: 3 mm
Material: Rubber
Style: round dots
Color: black
Density: 1.5 g / cm³.
Tensile strength: 3 Mpa
Hardness in shore A: 65 +/- 5
Ultimate elongation: 200%.
Weight: approx. 3.5 kg / m².


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