Multi Household Home Handle Electric Carpenter 82PC DIY Repair Tools Kits Set Garage Car Tool Garden


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This 82 piece tool kit is ideal for any D.I.Y fanatic or professionals.
With tools to handle most job's.
All of them come in a handy carry case.
A variety of tools, easy to use.
Look no further, buy one instantly.
Specification: 37x 28x 8cm.
G.W: 3.2 KG

Package Includes:

-Ratchet spanner(zinc alloy):1pc,length:10cm
-Phillips screwdrive(carbon steel heat treatment):1pc, length: 20cm
-Straight screwdrive(carbon steel heat treatment):1pc, length: 20cm
-Cutter(High-speed steel): 1pc width:18mm type:286
-Flexible rule(PC covered):1pc , type: 3M
-Expansion pipe suit(pp).
-Saw(aluminium alloy):1pc lenth: 26cm
-Digita electrical pen test(pen head -45# steel) :1pc length: 0.3*13 cm
-Precision screwdrive(carbon steel heat treatment):4 pc length:15cm
-Adjustable spanner(forged carbon steel):1pc, type: 8"
-Fibre handle claw hammer(forged carbon steelt):1pc length:24cm
-Parts box:1pc length:11.3cm*7.5cm*2.4cm
-Cutter pliers(forged carbon steel):1pc, type: 6"
-Sharp-nose pliers(forged carbon steel):1pc,type: 6"
-Insulation tape(pvc):1pc, size:9M

-Allen key(carbon steel heat treatment):1pc, type: 6/5.5/5/4/3/2.5/1.5

-Screwdrivers head (CRV): 1pc Type: PH1/PH2/PH3/H3/H4/H5/H6/4/6/AD