MIUI Smart Air Fryer without Oil Home Cooking Turbostar 2L Deep Fryer Cold Rolled Metal Disposable Molding Rock Solid Classical


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Main Features

Daily and handy
Compact design, does not take up space, but everything can be dealt with.
MIUI Air Fryer rewrites all the rules!● 【MIUI-TURBOSTAR air fryer】The High-speed air circulation technology can balance the heating temperature, have strong penetration, and can effectively cook the inside of the food;
● 【360 baking technology】Through the built-in turbine wind wheel to cook 360 degrees uniformly, the cyclone hot air flow can evenly fry and grill food, quickly lock the moisture, and make the food fresh and juicy;
● 【Electrostatic membrane technology】The patented electrostatic membrane technology can absorb the solid particles generated during the heating process, effectively avoiding the precipitation and burning of these particulate materials and affecting the food taste;
● 【MIUI intimate design】Anti-scalding safety net / power failure protection / micro-turn sensor device / silent design (less than 36 decibels laboratory data)
● 【MIUI high quality】Food grade Teflon non-stick coating (German whsi patent coating / Germany imported food-grade aluminum plate insulation layer cavity)
Air is the New Oil ! The Healthiest Way to FryDon’t settle for ordinary air fryers. Discover the New Air Fryer from MIUI
This model also removes and captures excess fat thanks to its unique TurboStar technology. The result is delicious and healthier fried food that’s as crispy as deep fried!
MIUI Classic series Air fyerSturdy and durable
High-quality cold-rolled thick plate stamping formed,Precision sensor temperature control,Simple and elegant retro style!
【Sturdy and durable (unique to the classic series)】High-quality cold-rolled thick sheet metal, stamped and formed at one time, seamlessly integrated, durable and even resistant to falling, the body shell is made of high-temperature food-grade environmentally friendly materials, high-grade baking paint, never fade,as old as new.
【Precise temperature control (only in mechanical version)】The unique precise temperature control technology can obtain the same precise temperature setting as the computer data panel. The mechanical operation makes the product more durable and effectively avoids the failure rate.


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