Mini UAV Folded Four-axis Dual-camera Intelligent Key Return Flight A Gesture Student Toy Camera


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Size : 30cm The Following
Brands : Excellent Bass
For People : Limited Girls Boys
Special Feature : Folding Set High Double Imaging Positioning
Aisle : Channel 4
Toy Material : Plastic
Ability Training : Emotional Visual Intellectual Development Hands-on Brain Hand-eye Coordination The Ability To Train Others Interest In Training
Patents And Copyright : Utility Model
Patents And Copyrights Application Time : No
Or Copyright Registration Certificate No. : No
Are There Shopping Guide Video : Yes
Remotely : Handle
Whether Specifically For Foreign Trade : Is (this Product Is For Use In Foreign Trade Domestic Products May Not Meet The Standards. Please Territory Cautious Buyers To Purchase)
Takeoff Weight : 0-250g (free)
Maximum Altitude : 0 To 120 M (inclusive)
Empty Weight : 0-1.5kg (including)

1. ABS material is strong and resistant to fall and not easy to damage


2. 2.4G wireless remote control, not easily affected by other remote controls


3. 1500mah battery capacity, 15 minutes of battery life


4. It can perform ascent, descend, forward, backward, left flight, right flight and 360 rolling, headless mode, WiFi connection, APP override, etc.


5. The double back is foldable, small in size and easy to carry. With altitude hold mode function, flight stability

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1. ABS material is strong and resistant to fall and not easy to damage