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Main Features

Product parameters:

Color options: Red, Blue, Black

Material: Copolymer PP

Battery capacity: 100 mAh

Charging socket: USB

The package contains:

1 x aircraft

1 x USB cable


1. Technology and tide play UFO, free-line aircraft, easy to operate zero basis – easy to get started

2. Decompression and refreshment, work, reduce stress, and promote the feelings of the children and family.

3. Unique function, intelligent swing technology, throw up and rotate it safely along the axis perpendicular to the direction of flight, predictably returning to you

4. Just charge for 15 minutes and use 7-10 minutes, convenient USB interface, available mobile phone charging head, computer charger

5. Flexible fence, ethylene PP environmental protection material tough protection to reduce damage to the aircraft to increase the life of the aircraft

6. Features: cool appearance, fast charging, LED colorful lights, USB interface, mini portable, a variety of gameplay, swing technology, resistance to fall and pressure.

Specific operations:

Three kinds of flight play

Low-altitude play: When the device is turned on, the aircraft is released horizontally and he will float forward or fall.

Dive play: turn on the light, tilt it down 30° horizontally and release the aircraft, he will fly in the dive

Suspension gameplay: In the plane mulberry, when the aircraft chooses to release the finger, she will rise in the air and slowly rise.

Safe stop: The closed roller design protects your hand while rotating, just grab it and stop it

Switch button: When the switch slides to the ON position, the color light flashes and slides to the OFF position to shut down.


Age Range

5-7 Years,8-11 Years,12-15 Years,> 6 years old,> 3 years old



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