Mini GPS Tracker Location Module GPS AGPS LBS WIFI Multiple Locator For Kids Children Pets Car


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Main Features

Package Included:
1 x Micro GPS Positioner Module
1 x User Manual

– Multiple Positioning Mode: GPS+ AGPS+LBS+WIFI
– Worldwide GSM+GPRS 4-frequency System: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
– Automatic Time Update: Precise GPS time service and no manual time adjustment is needed.
– Track: The user's specific location can be inquired through the cell phone APP or the computer.
– Fence: Designate an area on the map by setting the device as the center point and the alarm will be triggered off immediately once the user of the device goes into or out of this area.
– PlayBack: Inquire the moving routes of the device in the past 3 months anytime and anywhere.
– SOS: In case of emergency, press the SOS button and the device will send out the call and message for help .
– Walk: Counts the steps the user has walked.
– Reward: The reward is sent out through the APP on cell phone and the reward progress can be viewed.
– Find Device: The lost device can be found through the APP on the cell phone.
– Alarm: The alarm can set through the APP cell phone.
– Anti-disturbance mode: Once the no-disturbance time range is set through the APP cell phone, the device will shield the voice messages and calls.
– Voice: With the highly sensitive microphone, the sound around the device can be heard in real time in case the emergency happens to the user.
– Remote Power-off: The device can be turned off through the APP cell phone.
– Remote Restart: The device can be restarted through the APP cell phone.
– Intelligent Power Saving: The device turns off/on the GPS and data upload in the time range specified through the APP cell phone


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