Mini Folding Treadmill 93 x 36 cm Black


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Main Features

This manual treadmill will allow you to work out at home whenever you want.
The treadmill has a running surface of 93 x 36 cm. As you step forward, you move the treadmill. The faster you walk, the faster the treadmill moves. Its non-slip running surface allows you to walk comfortably and safely. At the same time, the included monitor records your speed, workout time, distance traveled and calories burned. Thanks to its folding design, the treadmill takes up little space when stored. The two flywheels provide the user with a smooth running experience. In addition, the feet can be adjusted in height to adjust the angle of the treadmill.
Work out and get fit at home with this compact, flexible, foldable treadmill!

Color: black
Frame material: painted steel
Carpet material: PVC + polyethylene
Total dimensions: 100 x 53 x 105 cm (L x W x H)
Dimensions (after folding): 37 x 53 x 115 cm (L x W x H)
Running surface dimensions: 93 x 36 cm (L x W)
Weight: 14.8 kg
Maximum load capacity: 100 kg
Mechanical resistance
Foldable for easy storage
With wheels, easy to move
Adjustable feet to adjust the angle of the treadmill
Easy assembly


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