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Main Features

Mini electric fascia gun
T1HE: charging button 4 head 4 block
T2HE: Rechargeable LCD 4 head 4 block
T3HE: Rechargeable LCD enhanced 8 head 9 block
T4HE: Rechargeable LCD luxury 8-head 9-block + tote bag
T5: Tote bag

Product size: 230 * 210mm
Product material: ABS plastic case + motor + lithium battery
Speed: 1800-3200r / min
Stroke: 12mm
Net weight: 0.7kg
Rated power: 20W
Rated voltage: 7.4V
Battery voltage: 7.4V 6INR19 / 66
Battery capacity: 2500mA
USB charging cable interface specification: 5.3mm
Product color box size: 32 * 21.5 * 7cm
Life time: 1-2 hours
No load 20W
Load 120W
There is no plug in the spot, only a DC charging cable with a USB socket,
Model: DC5.5, size 11.8
When the battery is charging, the gear indicator flashes, and the full screen display stays on





Stainless Steel

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