Mini Double Probe Eye Massager Beauty Eye Massage Pen Battery Operated


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Keep it out of reach of children.
Long press 3-5 seconds off.
Use together with eye cream, the effect is better.

Double probe design, small probe for small areas, such as: around the eyes, fine lines and crow's feet; big probe for big areas, such as: marionette lines, nasolabial folds and forehead wrinkles.
Microseismic massage, accelerate the cell activity, promote metabolism, help absorb essence, deep nourish, eliminate eye puffiness, eye fatigue, and restore eye muscle elasticity.
Ion function, deep cleansing, lead-out skin dirt and cosmetic residue, and help to lead-in the nutrient part of the essence, promote the regeneration of collagen, effectively improve the crow's feet, dark circles and eye bags.
There are low / middle / high 3 files waves, vibration frequency gradually increased, low wave (applicable to under 30 years old), middle wave (applicable to 30-45 years old), high wave (applicable to over 45 years old).
When using, the thumb and the index finger must contact the the sensor strip on both sides of the instrument, then it can work.
Lightweight and compact, you can use it anytime and carry it anywhere.

Material: ABS + Stainless steel
Applicable people: Above 12 years old
Battery type: One 23A 12V alkaline battery(Include)
Color: White
Size: 17*1.8cm(Length*Width)
Weight: 34g

Package Content:
Eye massager*1
User manual(English/Chinese)*1

Pack in box

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