Mijia Robot 1S Vacuum Cleaner for Home Automatic Sweep Dust Sterilize LDS Smart Planned Mijia App Remote Control


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Main Features

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NEW Mi Robot Vacuum 1S for Home High Suction 2000Pa LDS & SLAM Smart Navigation Work With Mijia APP And Xiaoai Voice Control
Robot 1S Main Features Vacuum 1S
Intelligent planning path, memory family layout, cleaning every corner.
According to the two-dimensional map scanned by the LDS laser sensor.
Vision sensors for better resolution of home scenes. AI image recognition.
Mihome APP WIFI connect Timing boot, Automatic Cleaning for Home and Office, Automatic charging.
2000PA large suction, brushless motor, the noise is less than 55db.
5200mAH Long-life Li-Battery, it can be cleaning 250 square meters of the environment, Automatic Recharge.
96mm Slim design enables this Robot Vacuum Cleaner working in the narrow space.
Detailed parameters: Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1S
Detailed parameters
Brand Model
Release Date
Dust box volume
Water tank capacity
Primary filter + HEPA filter
Brushless motor
Detection system
OBS all floor detection system
Suction Nozzle
V – Shape Rolling Brush & suction
Working Parameters
5200mAh (Li-ion 14.4V/58W)
Working time
About 120-150min
Scope of work
Charging time
4-5 hours
Working noise
Suction strength
Other functions
Cleaning Route
Planned Type
Automatic Recharge
Timing Reservation
Remote Control
Memory environment
Air filtration
Anti Collision
Anti Falling
Wet mop
Charging Base:
Charging base size: 230x109x129mm
Charging base rated power: 55W
Charging base rated input: 110-240V~
Charging stand rated output: 20Vmdashmdash2.2A
Charging base rated frequency: 50-60Hz

My new changes Cleaning ability is faster and stronger.
Dual navigation configuration, the route is more intelligent, and the cleaning is more thorough.
Laser navigation + visual navigation | AI image configuration, assisted to divide the area,
better cope with various environments, 2000pa large suction.
Smarter + More powerful + More convenient
LDS laser + visual fusion navigation.
Dual SLAM fusion algorithm, dynamic intelligent path planning.
Improved processor performance, 2000Pa high suction, 5200mAh large capacity battery, strong power.
12 types of omnidirectional sensors, Mobile app control, intelligent voice assistant interaction.
Industry innovation, dual navigation system.
According to the two-dimensional map scanned by the LDS laser sensor,
combined with the image features scanned by the visual sensor,
the collected data is fused and matched to improve the integrity and stability of the map.
Laser SLAM+Visual SLAM Fusion Algorithm
After being moved in time, it can still continue cleaning and intelligently analyze missing areas.
AI image recognition.
I can accurately determine the position of the room door
Through AI image recognition, I can accurately identify the characteristics of the room door,
determine the "coordinate of the room door" by calculation, and automatically realize the room partition setting.
For the generated image, it will be automatically destroyed after the test, to protect your privacy.
Automatic room partitioning, I will remember both the bedroom and the living room.
After the first cleaning is completed, the map is partitioned and saved in units of rooms.
You can "merge", "split" and "name" operations on maps that have already been divided. In the subsequent cleaning,
I will use this as a basis for better cleaning.
Dynamic intelligent planning of the path, saving time and saving energy.
When cleaning, I will carry out rigorous cleaning according to the map of the already divided area,
adopt dynamic intelligent planning path, clean each room one by one, there will be no cross-region cleaning phenomenon,
reduce unnecessary turning times, increase efficiency, compare the previous generation, Cleaning efficiency increased by 13%.
Automatic recharge and resume Cleaning.
I scanned and positioned the charger seat through my own laser ranging sensor to identify its location on the map.
When the room is completely cleared, I will automatically plan the shortest route back to recharge the charger seat.
In the cleaning on the way, if the electricity is below 20%, I can automatically return to recharge the charger,
when the power charge to 80%, I will return to the last unfinished location to continue sweeping, to avoid repeated cleaning.
Don't worry, your privacy is safe.
Only the feature information of the image is extracted. Information will not be saved,
and will not be uploaded to the network. Destroyed after use, cannot be recovered after destruction.
Strong body, I can face more challenges.
Processor upgrade, cleaning efficiency is once again improved.
From the previous generation quad-core Conrtex-A7 to the quad-core Conrtex-A35 processor,
compared to the previous generation, the energy consumption is 10% lower, the performance is improved by 40%,
and cleaning efficiency is significantly improved.
2000PA super suction, dust cannot be hidden, more efficient cleaning.
The suction is increased from 1800Pa of the previous generation to 2000Pa, which allows me to deeply clean the ground dust and floor gaps. After upgrading the vacuuming ability, you can further clean the ground dust and floor gap dust and dust in the carpet, all kinds of dust and impurities, all solved.
Double virtual wall design, any combination, more convenient.
Upgrade to a dual-electronic compass sensor to accurately identify the physical version of the virtual wall and the software version of the virtual wall. You can divide the area better and make it more flexible.
Physical magnetic stripe | Software magnetic stripe
Powerful battery
5200mAh high power, 2.5 hours lasting battery life.
5200mAh large-capacity lithium battery, in standard mode,can be used for 2.5 hours after a fully charge, can clean houses of about 250 square meters, with automatic recharge, breakpoint continuous sweep function, large units can also be easily cleaned.
12 types of omnidirectional sensors for easy adaptation to different home environments.
The whole body is equipped with 12 types of omni-directional sensors, which allow me to adapt to a variety of complex environments, while protecting myself and protecting the safety of furniture.
LDS laser ranging sensor
Wall sensor
Dust box detection sensor
Vision sensor
Collision sensor
Dual electronic compass sensor
Cliff sensor
Gyro / Accelerometer
Drop sensor
Fan speed sensor
Mihome APP Intelligent Remote Control
View maps in real time, select cleaning areas, timed cleaning areas, online firmware upgrades.
Open the Mihome app, and you can check the sweep status in real time and get a real-time map of the cleanup. In addition,
you can always arrange my clean-up tasks, before work to set a good daily cleaning time, home after work can feel clean ground bring small happiness. Cleaning, there are quiet, standard, strong three kinds of sweeping mode can be switched.
APP remote control | Real-time map | View cleaning status and path at any time | Customized cleaning area as you wish | Can choose single or multiple rooms | Regularly cleaning an area | Only sweep the living room at two o'clock every Friday afternoon | Continuous upgrade | Keep smart minds at all times | Online firmware upgrade
Beautiful me, home art that you deserve
9.6cm pure white body, simple and elegant, suitable for you who love life.
Package Contents:
1 x Sweeping robot
1 x Charging Dock
1 x Main brush cleaning tool
1 x power cable


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