logitech G304 G305 Computer Gaming 2.4G Wireless Mouse Ergonomic Mouse HERO Engine 12000DPI For LOL PUBG Fortnite Overwatch CSGO


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Main Features

Main Features:
1,The G304 LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming mouse which have a new generation of LIGHTSPEED wireless technology is designed to deliver outstanding gaming performance at a higher cost performance and innovative technology.
2.The HERO sensor is Logitech G's next generation optical gaming sensor for outstanding performance and amazing performance.
3.HERO sensors and LIGHTSPEED technology deliver outstanding energy efficiency, allowing you to play for about 250 hours with just one AA battery. Based on typical usage, replacing the primary battery is expected to maintain excellent performance for approximately 9 months. No need to worry about power at all times, the G304 is equipped with a battery indicator that alerts you when the remaining 15% is on.
4.LIGHTSPEED technology makes wireless transmission speed comparable to wired. Logitech G's well-designed wireless gaming solution provides players with a free wireless gaming experience with response times as fast as 1ms.
5.In the world of Logitech G, the wireless gaming mouse is not equal to heavy.
6.The Logitech G304's two primary keys microswitches can withstand approximately 10 million clicks. It also comes with a middle button, DPI button and two side buttons that can be customized using Logitech game software.


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