Lofans Wireless Ironing Machine Cordless Electric Iron for Shirt Garment 250g Light Weighted for Travelling Business Trip


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Main Features

Wireless portable | Fast hot ironing | Smart power off | Macaron color system
▪ Sweet color matching, absorption index upo
▪ Wireless to get rid of the shackles, create sweet and salty wind.
▪ Double-click to open the simple operation, novices can also get started.
▪ It weighs only 250g, which is lighter than a can of Coke.
▪ 65W low power, student dormitory can also be used with confidence.
▪ 140°C high temperature soleplate,-slips past, cares for the clothes gently.
▪ Charge and use, long-lasting battery life.
▪ Rotate the handle 90° to explore freedom and adventure.
▪ Smart power off in 10 minutes, take care of you and feel at ease at all times.
Product name: Mini wireless ironing machine
Product model: YD-017
Battery capacity: 4800mAh
Rated power: 65W
Input power: 5V
Control method: button
Temperature range: 140°C
Product size: 180×64×70.3mm
Product net weight: 250g
Executive standard: GB 4706.1; GB 4706.2
Package List:
1 x Packing box
1 x Mini iron
1 x Charging cable
1 x Anti-scalding silicone pad
1 x Storage bag
1 x Watering can


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