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Main Features


★ High-decibel speaker, high-definition long-range, mobile phone holder, USB charging, waterproof, large-capacity battery, three light modes, no tool installation.
★ Transformed mobile phone holder, portable and safe, elastic clips, good stability, width adjustable 50-80MM for most mobile phones.
★ The elastic clip can not be smashed.
★ Shock absorbing gasket does not hurt the phone
★ The bracket is equipped with a shock absorbing pad to protect the phone case and prevent scratching.
★ Highlight headlights, night riding protection, double lamp bead lighting design, to ensure safe riding at night.
★ Strong light, low light, flashing three modes.
★ 130 decibel speakers, bid farewell to shouting, up to 130 decibels sound effectively warning passers-by, vehicles.
★ Mobile charging, convenient and fast, built-in 2000 mAh large-capacity battery, you want to charge whenever you want.
★ USB charging, riding more convenient, comes with USB charging, can adapt to a variety of USB chargers.
★ Sealed and waterproof, it is not afraid of rainy days. It ensures that ★ you don't have to worry about rainwater embedding in rainy days, and you can still use it normally.


Material: ABS
Size: width 60MM* length 120MM
Chuck range: 50-80MM (4-6.3 inch mobile phone)
Use time: 6-12 hours
Charging type: USB charging
Charging time: 5 hours
Battery capacity: 2000/4000 mAh
Output voltage / current: 0.8A
Headlight brightness: 400 lumens
Lamp type: LED lamp beads *2
Light mode: glare / write light / strobe
Speaker decibel: 130 decibels
Sound mode: 5 sound modes
Mobile phone size requirements: 4-6.3 inch mobile phone

Package Included:

1* horn light
1* soft rubber gasket
1* horn switch
1* base
1*USB charging cable



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