Laptop Radiator Multi Angle Adjustable Base Laptop Radiator


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Main Features

Cooling mode: Fan
By fan configuration: 3
Material: metal mesh
Product size: 380 * 270 * 30MM
Applicable type: notebook
Gross weight: 730g
1. Cool game style
Game style design, bright red LED light, playing games with more feeling
2. Three core deep cooling
The surface of the radiator is made of breathable metal mesh and three high-speed fans. It can cool down the book in an all-round way
3. Powerful motor power
Copper core coil motor is used to provide continuous cold air and take away the heat generated by notebook quickly
4. Heat dissipation, noise reduction, hot air floating with the wind
The high-speed mute fan reduces the noise; the noise value is controlled at about 23dB, just like a whisper
5. Multi angle adjustment comfortable and practical
The height of 5 gears can be adjusted at will according to your own habits and preferences to meet different needs; care for the health of cervical vertebra and ensure the correct posture of the computer


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