LANGRIA Cat Tree Multi Level Tower with Scratching Posts Condos and Tangling Interactive Cat Toys


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Main Features

●【Cat Tree Tower】Tall 68-inch cat tree large enough to provide roomy space for a max of 3-4 cats to play, scratch, climb, and sleep; it has 1 hammock, 3 platforms, 2 square condos, and 2 carpeted ladders
●【Multiple Scratching Posts】10 scratching posts are wrapped with resistant sisal rope, a texture that kittens love to scratch; the MDF structure adds more stability as your cat scratches the posts
●【Dangling Toys】3 cat-safe dangling toys hang from the platforms of the cat tree; these interactive cat toys improve your cat’s playfulness and keep him amused
●【Cozy Cat Home】The cat tree is covered in faux fur to make is super soft and comfy and it uses non-toxic, safe materials for your kitty and for you
●【Easy Assembly】This cat tree tower is very easy to assemble; follow the step by step instructions and the video instructions to guide you through the assembly process

Get your kittens a great cat tree home for them to play, climb, sleep and scratch! LANGRIA’s cat tree is 68-inch tall and includes 1 hammock, 3 platforms, 2 square condos, and 2 carpeted ladders. Keep reading and learn about the main highlights of this home for cats!

4-in-1 Kitten House: Sleep, Climb, Play, and Scratch:
This tall interactive cat house is fully-equipped with everything your cat needs. The cat tree has 1 cute hammock on the top for naptimes, 3 platforms to lay on and move around, 2 square condos – one of them has 2 entries, the other one is larger and has 2 entries and a cute round window so your cat can spy around, 2 carpeted ladders for easy-climbing, and 10 scratching posts.

Let your cat scratch his way around the cat tree:
Asking your cat not to scratch is like asking a teenager to stop playing with his phone. Impossible. We are aware of it. This is why this cat tree house features 10 scratching posts to keep your kitten away from the furniture and curtains. The posts are wrapped in natural sisal rope, a material that cats love to scratch. This cat tree lets your furry friend satisfy his need to claw and keeps you happy with cat scratch-free furniture.

Top hammock for a nice nap:
The top tier of the cat tree features a hammock where your kitty cat can lounge, relax and sleep.

Soft and plush cat tree:
Your cat will comfortably lay around soft and toxic-free faux fur polyester that covers the cat tree.

Interactive cat toys:
Three dangling toys hung around the cat tree will keep your cat(s) entertained as they try to hunt them back and forth.

Easy-to-climb levels:
2 carpeted ladders give access to climb the different levels of this tall cat tree house.

Material: polyester faux fur/sisal rope/MDF
Net Weight: 35.3 lbs (16 kg)
Total Weight Capacity: 45 lbs ( 20.4 kg)
Overall Dimensions: 19.3 in W x 19.3 in D x 68 in H (49 cm W x 49 cm D x 173 cm H)




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