KUOKEL TQJS-02 Bike Trainer Stand Bicycle Exercise Magnetic Wheel and Noise Reduction Heavy Duty Steel Body Max Weight 100KG


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KUOKEL TQJS-02 bike trainer stand is perfect for indoor exercise. It structured with magnetic resistance wheel and resistance adjust handle so that delivery the best resistance level for practice. A maximum loading weight is up to 100KG. Thanks to its heavy duty steel structure, durability could be guaranteed. The storage of this bicycle stand is such easy because it is a foldable stand that means much saves storage space. Even put it on the boot box is possible. Therefore, with a easy to go and easy to storage structure, you could take it anywhere you want to do bicycle training especially indoor or outdoor.



1. Indoor & Outdoor Partner: KUOKEL bike trainer stand is foldable and with small size. It ensures a easily carry especially when take it outside. With 45*54cm folded size, it can be stored at boot box or be put at the corner of indoor. The expanded size is 54*54cm and with 17.5cm height.

2. Quiet Resistance Band: Magnetic resistance part adopted with noise reduction so that keep bicycle practicing in a low noise. Even it sets different level resistance of wheel, the noise will keep in a minimum level which could improve your practice experience.

3. Easily Set Up: Load and unload a bicycle are such easy because of the convenient lever clamp. This bike stand design with rotatable lever clamp so that adjust its size to fit different bicycle wheel. From the size of bicycle wheel 26in to 28in all compatible.

4. Not Use On Uneven Surfaces: We do not suggest our customers to use this bike trainer stand on uneven surfaces for considering safety issues. This stand is portable so that fits outdoor exercise, but a even surface should be guaranteed so that ensure the safety of doing bicycle training.

5. Multiple Resistance level Adjustable: A full level resistance can be controlled. To suit your different exercise intensity, you could change the power of magnetic resistance via handlebar resistance control. The better exercise you set the better practicing result you will get.




Model: TQJS-02

Size: 45*54cm

Weight: 6.5KG

Material: Steel Q195

Fit Size: 26-28in wheel

Load Weight: 100KG(Max)

Resistance Type: Magnetic Resistance


Package Contents:

1 x Bicycle Trainer Stand

1 x Handlebar Resistance Control

1 x Front Wheel Block

1 x Skewer