Kribee Electric Massage Comb Care Hair Root Scalp Massage Brush Anti-static Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof Shock Hair Brus From Xiaomi Youpin


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Main Features

Common problem
Will the hair be pulled when using?
No, little jellyfish washing massage comb teeth are arranged in staggered lattice, which can effectively reduce hair pulling, and comb teeth are made of high-quality TPE soft rubber material, which will be very comfortable to use, not to mention hair pulling.
What's the difference with a normal comb?
Small jellyfish washing massage comb is through the form of vibration, which can further clean the scalp dirt, promote the blood circulation of the head, and achieve the effect of massage and maintenance.
Does it leak electricity when used in bath?
Small jellyfish wash massage comb to use px7 class machine waterproof.
Is it rechargeable?
Product Name: kribee combs
Product model: ep1164-3c
Rated power: 0.5W
Rated input: 5V
Net content: 150g
Product size: Φ 73 × 55mm
Material: ABS TPE


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