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Main Features

[ Your Safety is Our Top Priority & Odorless ] – Our silicone bowl lids is 100% Phthalate, Lead Free, Plastic Free and BPA free. Simply cover your food and heat in microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. It is safe for adult and baby food storage and no chemical smell. It is safe to directly cover them over cups, bowls, fresh cut fruit and vegetables. They won't cause any bad odor for food storage. Degbit is always keeping your food fresh and family health.
[ Super Leak-proof & Fit over Any Shaped Container ] – They come in 6 elastic sizes, 2.6", 3.8", 4.4", 5.5",6.2" & 8.0". You will never need to waste time searching for lids again! Our stretchy silicone lids are compatible with mason Jars, cat or dog food cans, cups, pot and direct use on half a watermelon. Airtight sealing will lock the freshness of food and leak-proof design prevents any liquid from spilling out. Our seal silicone lids to fit square and rectangular pots as well as round ones.
[ Save Your Money & Eco Friendly ] – Food cover lids helps you no longer need conventional cling wrap and the zipper storage bags! They will serve as replacement for the broken or lost lids and significantly reducing plastic waste, they are a thousand times more eco friendly than cling wraps, baggies, or your traditional containers. Easy to use, there is no better way to seal your fresh food better than the Degbit silicone lids!
[ Dishwasher, Freezer and Microwave Safe & Clear Compatible ] – Whether it is washing in the dishwasher or in a refrigerator or microwave, it's the same as you saw it for the first time. You can choose the color of bowl covers you want to use according to your mood, clear or blue. Our silicone bowl cover see-through sealing lids offer you a window to the fresh food that is in your refrigerator. ( Note: edges of the container needs to be dry before use to ensure the perfect seal. )
SAY GOODBYE TO PLASTIC WRAPS: Stretchable silicone bowl covers create an airtight seal which keeps the food fresh until you get hungry again. Stretch covers are reusable for years to come, making them a convenient, eco-friendly and economical option as compared to plastic wraps and aluminum foils.
Product description
Color:White Blue Pink yellow
Frustrated with flimsy plastic wraps?
Tired of unwrapping everything in the fridge just because you can’t see through aluminum foils?
Switch to a more efficient, sustainable and affordable option!
Direct From Factory Stretchable Food Covers will help you deal with the leftovers easily. Crafted from flexible and ultra-stretchable silicone, our lids adapts to most size, shapes, material and surfaces. You can use these stretch silicone bowl covers to store leftovers, cover the pots to retain heat until food is served, transport food from counter top to dinner table without spilling, protect food from bugs in outdoors or as a splatter screen to keep your microwave clean. The hard-wearing and durable design of storage bowl covers makes sure it will last for years to come without deforming or getting loose.
Perfect stand-in for aluminum foils and plastic wraps
Can be used for replacing lost lids
Eliminates the need to buy expensive plastic wraps
Easy to clean with water and soap or in the dishwasher
They are circular yet fits most shaped containers (even square)
Fits most smooth rimmed containers
Lids hold their shape for a long time
Handy tabs allow jerk-free and spill-free removal
Lids can stretch to fit most sized and shaped containers:
2.6" will stretch to 3.5 inches
3.8" will stretch to 5 inches
4.5" will stretch to 6 inches
5.7" will stretch to 8 inches
6.5" will stretch to 9 inches
8.1" will stretch to 11 inches
How to place the lid on the container:
1. Place the lid on one side of the container
2. Stretch to the other half and slowly take your hands away from the container
3. Press the top of the lid while pulling the tabs to create an airtight seal
4. Pull the sides and ensure a secure fit




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