JAZZTON Non-medical KN95 Protective Mask Can Be Recycled. The Filter Mask Can Effectively Block Harmful Substances Such As Bacteria Droplets and Dust


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Main Features

Cover material: food grade PP and food grade TPU
The filter material is replaceable
Color: black, white, silver grey, pink, blue, camouflage green
Model: black mask + one filter element, white mask + one filter element, blue mask + one filter element, pink mask + one filter element, silver grey mask + one filter element, camouflage military green mask + one filter element
Nose clip: Yes
Regular colors: black, white, silver grey, pink, blue, camouflage green
Scope of application: office, various construction sites, various factories, cycling, running, etc
Material: PP, TPU
Filtering effect: 99%
Breathing valve device: Yes
Protection level: kn99
Brand: jazzton
Executive standard: kn95
Weight: 50
Series: kn95
Functions: haze, dust, formaldehyde, bacteria, droplets, pollen, odor, exhaust gas, second-hand smoke, etc
Size: Adult
Mask style: headwear


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