Intelligent Induction Spray Disinfector Portable Sterilization of Bacteria Car or Household Humidifier Sterilizer


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Main Features

Product name: Intelligent sensor sprayer
Product color: White
Product size (mm): 84x60x76
Color box size (mm): 99x65x81
Product weight (bare metal): 138g
Product weight (including packaging): 200g
Packing: thin pit color box
Rated input: DC5.0V/1.0A

Working current: 300-400mA

Rated power: 2W

Battery capacity: 2000 mAh
Water tank capacity: 100ml

Spray timing 15 seconds

Timer shutdown: 24h

Details of accessories included with the product: Humidifier host*1, Typec-C charging cable*1, Chinese and English manual*1, cotton swab*2
Unscrew the water tank and add 75% alcohol with a concentration of no more than 4/5, short press to turn on (the sensor window indicator light is on for 3 seconds) and the product enters the working state.
If you need to shut down, short press again
Place your hand or object at 0-12cm above the sensor window, the host can start spraying after infrared induction, and automatically stop spraying in 15 seconds. If you need to spray again, you need to re-sensing
The built-in battery of the product, please use the DC5V1A adapter to charge, the product lights up in red when charging, and lights in green when fully charged



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