Intelligent Building Blocks Road Racing Car Kids Toy Electric Bluetooth 5.0 APP Smart Remote Control 900+ parts


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Is there a paper manual of building blocks assembly in the package?
No, xiaomi does not provide paper manual for this racing car model. But all users can obtain 3D dynamic electronic manual of building blocks assembly.

How to get 3D dynamic electronic manual?
Scanning the QR code on the right and install the app, you can get the electronic manual in the app.
Note: The 3D dynamic elecdtronic manual currently only supports Chinese, no other language. The 3D dynamic manual clearly shows all parts and the assembly steps. There is some Chinese in the e-manual, if you need a translation, we will translate it into English and send the picture to you.

How to remote control the racing car?
Scanning the QR code on the left and install the app, connect the racing car in the app. The racing car can be controlled by bluetooth after conneting.
Note: this app can change the language to English. Please use the latest version of the App V2.1.2. If you download an old version of the app, please contact us and we will send you a download link to download the latest version of the app.


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