In Face Official Facial Cleaning Brush Face Skin Care Tools Waterproof Silicone Electric Sonic Cleanser Beauty Massager


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Main Features


1. Wet face with warm water and use facial cleanser/face wash to make foam.
2. Press long the button to power on,enjoy the 90S facial cleaning time. 3.Press short the button to change other modes


* Deep cleansing | Fine facial cleaning | Soothing for the skin * 90-second skincare timer * Food-grade silicone material, FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)-certified * IPX7 waterproofing * Three cleaning areas for different parts of the face. Three cleansing massage strength settings give you simpler control and a more intuitive grasp of the strong, medium, and weak vibration settings. * Compact size and lightweight body is easy to carry outside, convenient for traveling.


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