HUOHOU Fixable Sharpen Stone Sharpening Tool Grindstone Trible Wheel Whetstone Sharpeners


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Main Features

HUOHOU Fixable Sharpen Stone Trible Wheel Whetstone Sharpeners Sharpening Tool Grindstone From Xiaomi Youpin

Type: Mini trible wheel sharpener
Material: ABS
Color: White and grey
Size: 73 x 73 x 61mm
Weight: About 105g

– PVC Suction Cup Base To Realize One-handed Sharpening
The suction cup base can be perfectly combined with the desktop to realize the one-hand sharpening operation, which is more convenient and quicker.

– V-type Sharpening Groove, Fit The Knife Body, Make It More Sharper

The V-shaped grinding groove is designed to fit the blade body. The smaller the force area, the less the separation resistance, so that the force is all focused on the blade, making each grinding more powerful. Only 3-5 times, less than one minute, you can easily grind a sharp knife.

– Three Different Grinding Wheels Fully Solve Any Problems Of Sharpening

Emery repair, tungsten steel rough grinding and ceramic fine grinding, three different grinding wheels, can fully solve the different problems of the cutting edge, burr, knife blunt and other different tools such as chopping knife, kitchen knife, chef knife, fruit knife, etc. Bring better care for your kitchen k nives.

Package Included:
1 Pc x Mini Trible Wheel Sharpener


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