Household Cleaning Multifunctional Sterilizer UV Disinfection Box Case Portable For Phone Mask


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Main Features

Product name: Multi-function disinfection box

[Box size]: 250 * 165 * 85mm

[Product gross weight]: 700 grams

Product parameters: Rated input: 5V / 1A USB

Output: 5V 0.5A-0.9A

Working temperature: -10 degrees to 45 degrees,

Sterilization power: 2 * 1W

UV lamp: 2 * 1W

UV wavelength: 253.7W

USB output: 5V 0.5A-0.9A

Maximum power: 9W

Two modes:

1. One-button automatic disinfection

2. One-click automatic fragrance and fragrance

Selling points:


2. Coating

3. Safe and harmless

4. Comprehensive dead angle disinfection

5. Sterilization

6.Mobile phone holder

7. Voice prompt

8. Aromatherapy

Scope of use: most mobile phones, and other small items that can be contained in the box.

For example: MP4, Bluetooth headset, watch, toothbrush, jewelry, key, etc.


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