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Material: food grade platinum silica gel + food grade pp
1. Safe silicone material is harmless to the human body and is used in food utensils, water purifiers, medical treatment, etc.
2, five-finger design, easy to deal with various needs. And the wavy shape in the middle of the finger makes it easier to clean the dirt on the food.
3, the surface cleaning clone is very dense, the use is more convenient, so that the stains are invisible.
4, hook design, can be hung in any position, easy to pick up, easy to store, save kitchen space, clean and tidy.
5. The protrusion of the finger part is easier to force and clean the smaller place.
6, the palm of the fine brush can carry out a large area of ​​cleaning, easy to foam, easy to clean.
7, using the bump design, the glove washing brush inside the anti-slip comfort, easy to wear, not easy to fall, time is also very comfortable.