Hango Friends KN95 Self-priming Air Protective Mask Device with Replacement Filter Pads Non-medical


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-Model specifications: 21 * 10.5
-Main materials: food grade silicone, SS grade multilayer microfiltration non-woven fabric, BFE 99% meltblown fabric, PP breathing valve, etc.
-Product description: The protective shell is made of food-grade silicone (reusable) baby pacifiers with the same material and has antibacterial effect. The filter element adopts n95 filter element to comply with national GB2626-2006 standards, CE certification, US FDA EUA certification, and the filtration efficiency reaches 95% The above is the kn95 mask that everyone said, with a breathing valve design, ergonomic design, according to the curve of the human face design, strong fit, smooth, unobstructed, not suffocating.
-Scope of application: suitable for breathing protection of smog, industrial dust,
etc., can be worn in shopping, cycling, watching football matches in multi-person occasions, school running sports, etc., large-diameter cold flow breathing valve,
smooth breathing, return to natural breath Experience, not wear and suffocation during wearing, effectively prevent the direct transmission of pathogenic microorganisms, particles, etc. to provide a certain physical barrier.
-Precautions, warnings and informative instructions
1. The validity period is three years, please use it within the validity period
2. Please don't put the mask or mask (filter pad) into the mask and continue to use
3. Do not touch the filter with contaminated hands, it will cause pollution, please wash hands before operating.
4. Once symptoms such as itchy skin rash appear, please stop using it.
5. If the filter is contaminated, please replace it with a new product before use.
6. The gift replacement package is used up, please purchase the replacement package from regular channels.
-Special storage conditions and methods: Store in a relative humidity of no more than 80%, no corrosive gas and well ventilated room, avoid high temperature
-Instructions for use: The ear strap can be adjusted to fit your own length by adjusting the buckle; adjust the wearing position and press the adjustment ring or nose clip from the middle to the sides with the index fingers of both hands to make it fit closely with the nose bridge The fit and comfort of the bridge of the nose, if worn correctly, you can feel the mask inhaled slightly when breathing.
-Validity period: Silicone is three years, replacement core (filter pad) packaging has not been unsealed for three years, please refer to finished product packaging for production date.
-Product implementation standards and filtration levels: GB2626-2006 KN95

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GB2626-2006 KN95

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