HAIER XSHUAI C3 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Amazon Alexa Voice Control Camera for Video Chat Schedule Cleaning Auto-Charge 5 Cleaning Modes HEPA Filter for Pet Fur Allergens Hard Floor & Carpets


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HAIER XSHUAI C3 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Siri Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Control, Camera for Video Chat Schedule Cleaning Auto-Charge 5 Cleaning Modes HEPA Filter for Pet Fur Allergens Hard Floor & Carpets

1. The product is for indoor use only.
2. APP is just apply to Android 4.0 or above, IOS 8.0 or above.
APP Name:yomey
3. Do not use the product in suspended environment without protective guard so as to avoid accidental fall of the robot and personal injury.
4. For the first time use of the robot, please fully charge the battery which takes about 5 hours.
5. No applicable for use in extremely cold, hot or strong sunlight environment.
6. Do not make the product clean cigarette butts or matches that are not extinguished.
7. Do not use the product to clean toner inside laser printer or copier, which may cause fire.
8. Do not use the product to clean sharp objects like glass or nails to avoid damage to the product.


Support Siri, Meet Andy, your smart vacuum robot
“Alexa, turn on Andy” – that’s all you need to say for your vacuum robot to start cleaning. Andy is the default nickname for the C3, which you can modify. It is the first Haier vacuum robot with Alexa’s Amazon Echo, and it is ready to make your home smarter and spotless. Despite cleaning, it can also connect through video chat with your home to keep an eye on your pets or talk with your family. If the bot is running out of battery in the middle of a cleaning cycle, it will return to charge base and pick up where it stopped. With its frontal sensors, it will detect stairs and walls to avoid falling and bumping into them.

Specialized cleaning modes
Mopping & sweeping is super easy for C3. There are 5 available modes to clean: with the Auto Mode, the C3 finds the closest wall to locate itself in the room to then, starts cleaning in a methodical pattern. The Z-Mode also uses the methodical pattern to clean, but it initiates the cleaning from its current position. The Spot Mode for deep cleaning areas where there is a higher concentration of dirt, stains, or other particles. The Edge Mode is perfect to clean along the walls. The Pure Suction Mode will suck in the dirt instead of brushing it away; this mode is perfect to clean the floor of rugs from pet hair.

Main Features:
1. Support Siri
Haier XShuai is the only one that supports Siri control. Your instructions can be delivered through Siri, let C3 start or end cleaning, and even make it charge, convenient and interesting.

2. Support Amazon ALEXA
Use Amazon Echo to remotely control the robot with your voice, or use the Huiba App (available for iOS and Android) to control it with your Smartphone, schedule cleaning while you are away and more.

3.5-Cleaning Modes
Sweeping and Mopping cleaning methods; select your preferred mode to thoroughly clean every spot of your home; there are special modes for deep cleaning stains or particles as well as pet hair and debris.

4.Video Chat
A built-in camera, speakers and microphone allows you to connect your smartphone 24/7 with your home and talk or check on your family/pets; it uses P2P technology to transmit the image without any cloud involved for extra privacy.

5.Anti Collision Sensors
The frontal sensors will detect the ground, preventing the bot from falling down the stairs, as well as will detect walls to avoid bumping into them; when it identifies these risks, the C3 will redirect its way to clean elsewhere.

6.Low Profile Design
This robot measures 340 mm x 95 mm, thanks to its low profile it can clean underneath the furniture, bed, sofas and any other areas that are hard to reach; with its 15 degrees slope angle, it can climb over your rugs and carpets.

7.High-precision gyroscope sensor
Automatic detection and scan, precisely control the direction. Walking and calculating at the same time to adapt the changing rooms.

8. 1000pa suction
1000pa strong suction can effectively clean dust and debris.

9. Cleaning reservation
Simply make an appointment and go to work, the robot will start to work at the specific time.

10. S-shaped cleaning route
Regular cleaning, no repetition, large coverage, no dead corner.

11. Anti-drop design
The embedded anti-drop sensor can detect the location and change the direction in order to avoid falling.

12. Anti-collision System
With the soft bumper in the front-end of the robot,it can better protect the furniture.

13. Automatic recharging
When the power is about to run out, the robot will go back to the charging base, you can also press the Home button to make the robot return to the charging dock.

14. Remote control
You can control the direction, choose the cleaning mode and make an appointment by the remote controller.

15. Powerful long lasting battery
Built-in 14.8V 2600mAh Li-ion battery, the charging time is 4 – 5h, the usage time is up to 120min.

16. Suitable for hardwood, undercoat carpet, tiles.

17. Installed HEPA can protect you from pet hair allergy.




Item Detail
Mechanical Specifications Diameter





3.3 kg 

Material abs+pp
Camera Support
Pixels 200W
Electrical Specifications


14.8 V/28W

Battery specification

2600mAH Li-ion battery

Cleaning Specifications Dust bin capacity


Water Tank Capacity


Charging type Auto Charging/Manual Charging
Cleaning mode

Auto, Spot, Edge

Charging time

4 – 5h 

Cleaning time

120 min

Main Body Button Type

Touch screen

Package Included Description Quatity
Main Body 1
Charging Home Base 1
Remote Control 1
Adapter 1
Cleaning Tool 1
User Manual 1

Extra Side Brush


Water Tank(Installed)

Mopping Pad(Installed) 1

Dust Bin(Installed)


HEPA Filter


Suction Cover