H6PLUS Electric Scooter Black White -0214


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Main Features

5 features:
Displays current speed, remaining power, distance traveled, control indicators, and automatically detects 7 devices, such as motors, batteries, controllers, etc., at any time during the application. Contains the usb charger below the LCD display.

Press this button to turn the speed on or off. Keep it for at least 5 seconds to use this feature.

[3 speed and long range] [3 speed grade (9.32//15.53//21.75 mp) and maximum autonomy (30 km). You can adjust the maximum speed of your motorcycle to match local regulations.

Folding motorcycles use tires that are full of car quality. When you drive on a two-wheeled skateboard to explore the Milky Way, don't worry about the safety of the tire's air rupture or leakage.

(High-intensity damping spring) Explosion-proof/wear-resistant absorption Through laboratory vibration testing and wear testing, it is comfortable to drive with excellent wear resistance. It is strictly controlled even under difficult road conditions.

-In accordance with German law, this scooter cannot be ridden on roads alongside motor vehicles. This includes but is not necessarily limited to the motorway network, the express routes and regional roads.
-The scooter can be ridden on country roads, footpaths and other routes on which there are no motor vehicles.
-It is not possible to buy insurance for this scooter.


Maximum Mileage


Package size

12 kg


Electric Kick Scooter


Package weight

12 kg

Max Payload


Charging Time

4 hours

Maximum Speed


Package Content

1 x electric scooter,1 x manual

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