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Main Features

1. The rope length is 70 cm (23.62 inches) and is about 70 cm (27.55 inches) including the handle. The biceps rope is 28 mm (1.1 inches) in diameter and weighs 720 grams (24.69 ounces)

2. Our biceps and triceps rope drop cable attachments are made of extremely durable and heavy-duty twisted flexible nylon cord with a comfortable polyurethane (PU) handle

The pull-down drawstring features a heavy-duty rotating metal ring for easy connection to the universal fitness system and the carabiner on the cable machine.

3. Our drawstring handles are suitable for home use or in the gym, especially if the number of accessories is limited and the machine is free. A good tool for strengthening the triceps, biceps, back, shoulders and abdominal muscles and improving grip.

4. The end of the rope handle of the lat machine is made of non-slip material, which helps to grip and ensure uniform exercise, while at the same time feel comfortable

5. The biceps cable is the perfect accessory to ensure you don't have to wait for the gym's own accessories to get the workout you need. Made from a durable, rugged, twisted nylon cord with a non-slip handle that helps hold and keep your workouts consistent and comfortable.

6. A good tool to increase the muscles of the triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, and abdomen and improve grip.



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