Graphic Tablets Digital Pen Tablet Phone Drawing Tablet with Tilt OTG Battery-Free Stylus for Android Windows macOS


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Main Features

1.OS Android Supported In addition to Windows and macOS, HS610 also supports Android, which enables users to have their phone connected to the tablet, and therfore brings them better portability. Compatible for Android Windows and MacOS.
2. Battery-free stylus with 8192 Pressure Sensitivity LevelsThe chip with independently developed algorithm enables lines input to be vividly rendered as different shapes as pressure applied changes, and therefore ensures users lifelike experience of drawing on paper.
3. ±60°Brush Tilt Range HS610 supports ±60°brush tilt on Photoshop and Expereii or any other programs that boast such function, with accuracy esured.
4. Touch Ring Touch and zoom in/out your canvas, adjust your brush and scroll the page.
5. 12+16 Programmable Express Keys ll together there are 28 programmable express keys for you to establish your exclusive studio, with multiple functions to be realized instantly on your fingertip. One year guarantee.


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