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Main Features

1. Introduction: This thresher is competent for a variety of food materials, such as medicinal herbs, whole grains, coffee beans, etc. The grinding effect is exquisite, the powder is even, and you can meet your daily nutritional needs.
2. Model No. Xy-8300
Applicable materials: coffee, soybean, pepper
Feed size ≤ : 1 (mm)
Discharge size: 1 (mm)
Principle: Air flow crusher
Specifications: 110V American gauge, European gauge, round insert, Australian gauge, British gauge
3. Product functions:
1. Non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly material, food crushing progress at a glance, gently turn and lock the lid.
2. High hardness stainless steel material, sharp and tough, durable, more sufficient grinding.
3. Push-button switch, safe and convenient to use
4. Notes
1. Pay attention to different grinding time and different degree of fineness
2. The machine only supports grinding and drying ingredients
3. In order to ensure the machine life and grinding effect, please use the working time indirectly
4. In order to prevent the motor from water damage, part of the main engine cannot be washed with water
5: The package includes
1 * host
1 * the power cord
1 * instruction



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Power Source


Housing Material

Stainless Steel

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