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Tracki is a Powerful Feature-full GPS Tracker, Smallest & Lightest heavy duty, #2 best selling tracker on Amazon, 2020 Model real time best GPS Tracker money can buy. Used by UPS and all major logistics companies – Warning ! beware of other cheap worthless trackers you can find on eBay, also beware of 4G that has less US coverage than 3G (read 7th paragraph below & educate yourself)

FULL WORLDWIDE COVERAGE + REAL-TIME TRACKING: Works worldwide & full USA, Canada coverage, International SIM card included. The best way to track cars, Vehicles, trucks, kids, motorcycles, ATV, boats, drones, children, teens, spouses, pets, wallet, luggage, elderly, seniors, Alzheimer, Autistic, equipment, tools, employees, business assets, fleets and valuable belongings. Place in a car, backpack, pocket, luggage, package, shipment, or hide it under a car and track movements in real-time using our easy-to-use app. Location can be accessed on amazing Android, Web or iPhone app.

POWERFUL, COMPACT, SIMPLE: Smallest & lightest GPS tracker, only 1.4 ounce, has magnetic, Velcro & clip attachments. The device works for unlimited distance has long extended life rechargeable battery, covert & compact design this device can perform reliably & discreetly for long periods, minimizing tampering & chances of detection. Real time once a minute battery will last up to 3 days. If you don’t need real time tracking battery can last 30 days, by setting the tracking to 6-8 times per day.

ALERTS, MONITORING, & SMART NOTIFICATIONS: Revolutionary hybrid GPS/GSM/Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, get real-time alerts when the tracker crosses a Geo-fence or zone that you designate. Customize your settings to receive SOS, speed alerts, and start/stop notifications about the tracker’s movements through text SMS or email. Create data and history reports that capture valuable info about the tracker such as route, speed, and time stamps.

ECONOMICAL AFFORDABILITY: Monthly internet Data Connection Cost of $9.95 or $13.95 or $16.60 or $19.95 depending on the package you choose for unlimited usage worldwide with no contract, activation, or cancellation fees. Turn on service at your convenience with no hidden charges, use it when you need it! With the Tracki GPS tracker, you get the best value and service guaranteed.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE: No matter what time or country you are in, we cater to your needs with our live-chat support. Call us at +1 323 785 2020 and our technical representatives will help you troubleshoot or if you just need a hand setting up your tracker. At Tracki we work to keep you in touch with what matters most.

Please beware: All these cheap trackers you can find here on eBay like GF07 or GPRS which are not real GPS (only 1 mile accuracy GPRS using cell tower triangulation) and are inferior quality 2G trackers which also they do not work at all in US, Canada and most of the 1st world countries since 2G network was sunset and shut down. Even if you buy them to be used in a 3rd world county most of them are not real GPS (only GSM cell tower triangulation estimated location), their performance is inferior at best and they require for you to buy a local SIM card that you will waste hours to try to get it activated if you ever succeed and you most likely end up not be able to be using those junk trackers. They also have no real app using SMS only or a junk useless app.

Also beware of 4G trackers that only work in 80% of the us without full coverage since AT&T 4G only works in about 80% of the US. See the proof, Search Google: " whistleout CellPhones/Guides/Coverage " go to coverage % graph under "Here's how the nationwide carrier coverage scores break down percentage-wise"

Tracki is a world leader GPS tracker, heavy duty, accurate GPS tracker using Patented technology that is used by: UPS, US military, Nissan, Rolls-Royce, Police and more. Tracki is using 3G which has 100% US and world coverage. Tracki has a super usable Android, iOS and web app with amazing features.

Don’t be fooled by Bluetooth only trackers that don’t use real GPS, they works for 50 feet only and only good to find your keys at home.


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