Good New Mosquito Killer Lamp LED Socket


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1. Plug the power plug into a power outlet and turn it on. When not in use, cut off the power or unplug the plug.
2. Clear the mosquito box, you should turn off the power, hand-held storage mosquito rotation removed, clean and re-install can be tightened.
3. Use at home, as long as the anti-mosquito time in bed for a few hours, people can temporarily leave. When going to sleep, the mosquitoes are basically cleared and can be switched off or moved to other rooms. If more indoor furniture, hiding out the mosquitoes of different time, anti-mosquito may be a long time.
4. After the anti-mosquito lamp is turned on, it is recommended to turn off the lights and away from the strong convective air.
5. Do not immediately catch the mosquito to pull out the power, let the fan continue to run until the mosquito dehydration and air-dry.
6. This product can also be used as a night light, a product for two purposes.

1, clear the mosquito box when you first unplug the power plug, not live action.
2, the product work will not hand into the machine, so as not to scratch the fingers or other fan accidents.
3, can not be charged to move or open the machine, so as to avoid accidents.
4, can not be a strong place in the ultraviolet light, fluorescent light strong place, as well as infants and young children can be used to touch the place.
5, the anti-mosquito lamp on the ground from 1 to 1.5 meters high position, and no one in the case of no light with the best results. Can also be hung at the same height

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