GEMEGA JY-08 Household Air Purifier


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Host size: 400*230*620mm
Packing size: 460*298*695mm
Case: ABS, acrylic cover
Gross weight: 15.5KG
Net weight: 10KG  
Remote control battery model: button battery CR2025
Thirteen major functions:
1 negative ion release / 2 ultraviolet sterilization / 3 initial effect filter / 4 cold catalyst filter
5 sterilization filter / 6 honeycomb activated carbon / 7HEPA high efficiency filter / 8 light, child lock function
9 particle sensing speed control / leakage protection / 11 open face cover automatic power off
12 reservation boot, air guiding function / 13 filter replacement reminder function / 14 humidification
Product parameters  : 
Clean air volume (CADR): 450m3/h/cumulative purification of particulate matter: P4 
Particle cleaning energy efficiency rating: high efficiency / formaldehyde clean air volume (CADR): 50m3 / h
Formaldehyde purification amount: F3/formaldehyde purification energy efficiency rating: qualified
Negative ion amount: 20 million / cm3 / voltage: 220V / 50Hz    
Purification power: 85W purification / noise (low speed): ≦ 34.4dB
Motor type: Japan Shiba DC motor / usable area: 31-54m2
Purification method (filter type purification) 

The first layer of aluminum alloy filter (washable)  filter dust particles
The second layer of cold catalyst filter catalyzes the reduction of harmful gases     
The third layer of honeycomb activated carbon filter adsorbs and removes toxic and hazardous substances  
The fourth layer of sterilizing filter fiber cotton adds antibacterial agent to kill virus bacteria
The fifth layer of HEPA high efficiency filtration and filtration level is up to H13  

● Eliminate 97% of the smell, smoke, drink taste, pet smell.
● Eliminate 99.7% of dust, pollen, allergies, mold
● Eliminate 99.9% formaldehyde, benzene and other baking
● Kill bacteria, viruses, bacteria
● Help you breathe and sleep better, improve human immunity
● Increase brain oxygen supply and enhance the characteristics of the cardiovascular system