Enkeeo Foot Activated Floor Pump with Gauge No Valve Changing Required Ball Needle/Inflation Cone


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Main Features

Bullet Points
LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: only 0.9lbs (0.408kg) in weight, easy to carry around; you can put it away in your garage; it saves space and keep your garage away from disarray
PRESTA & SCHRADER COMPATIBLE: the dual pump head has both valves for all kinds of bikes; sports ball needle and inflation cone included
EFFORTLESS PUMPING: foot activated pump motion makes sure you won't wear yourself out using this bike pump; you can get your tire inflated in few seconds
TRUSTWORTHY PERFORMANCE: provides 120 PSI of pressure with a vertical pumping motion; accurate gauge prevents accidental tire blowouts
DURABILITY AND TOUGHNESS: made for long term use; well engineered with sturdy aluminium alloy tube, firm plastic base and non-slip foot pad

Product Description
Effortless and Fast
Foot activated pump motion is effortless and fast. You can fill your tires in seconds without breaking a sweat. Save your energy for things that matter. Dual pump head helps you inflate all kinds of bikes and balls like a pro.
Small and Lightweight
If you’re about to hit the road with your shining bike, remember to ditch the heavy, bulky pump and take this compact, ultra light one! If you’re a hoarder, this one is for you too. It’s so small that it can be easily put away in any box or cabinet.
Reliable and Durable
The floor pump doesn’t just look different from those taller floor pumps, it also has a more robust structure thanks to its compact design. You can use it for a long time with minimum maintenance.
Product Specifications
Model: LC-4524B
Weight: 0.9lbs/0.408kg
Barrel: Aluminium Alloy
Pump Gauge: 120PSI
Dimension: 3.54”W × 5.08”L × 6.7”-10.4”H / 9 W × 12.9 L × 17-26.5cm H
Package Content
1x Enkeeo Floor Pump
1x Ball Needle
1x Inflation Cone
1x Box
1x Card


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