EleksMaker EleksTube R 6-Bit Kit Electronic LED Luminous retro Glows analog Tube colock


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Main Features

EleksTube is a RGB retro full color simulation glow tube electronic clock.

Due to the increasing appeal of The Glow Discharge Tube. More and more people want there own Glow Tube Clock. But The Glow Tube has been out of production for a long time, since the demise of the soviet union. So it's hard to get a new Glow Tube now.

Today, EleksMaker has brought an entirely new design of the RGB retro full color simulation glow tube electronic clock.

General Specification
Brand EleksMaker®
Model EleksTube R
Shell Material Black Walnut
Function Electronic Desktop Clock, Timer, Glow Tube Clock
Single Bit Dimensions (L*W*H) 43x43x65mm
6-Bit Kit Dimensions(L*W*H) 33×8.5×9.5cm
Application Pefect As Desktop Decorations in Home, Bedroom, Living
Room, Exhibition Hall, Restaurant, Dinning Room, Coffee
Cafe, Classroom, Laboratory, etc.
Technical Parameters
Power Supply USB
Bit 6, Show Second, Minute And Hour Easily
Light Source LED
Light Color RGB Full Color, Choose Your Favourite Color
Display Mode 6 Modes
Control Software EleksTube, Official Software Provided By EleksMaker

Package Included:
1 x EleksTube R 6-Bit Kit
1 x USB Cable


Model Number

EleksTube R


Desk Clocks


Bamboo & Wooden

Motivity Type



Antique Style

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