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Main Features

Huohou automatic bottle opener Main Features

Low noise ( less than 60dB ) for quiet operation

6s quick opening cork

Built-in 550mAh Li-ion battery,Quick charging ( 5 minutes ) for convenient use,Can be used 10 times to solve the urgent need

It takes 3 hours to charge for the first time, which can activate the performance of the lithium battery. After the first charge, it can be fully charged in 2.5 hours, and the full power can be used 70 times.

USB universal charging interface, you can use mobile phone charger, mobile power, etc. to charge anytime, anywhere

Power display function allows you to intuitively understand the power situation

Suitable for many occasions: home, hotel, party, wedding and so on

The surface treatment of black part brings you soft touch feeling

Huohou Red wine electric bottle opener
One-click to open, easily solve problems
Fully utilize the mechanical principle for fully automatic design, just align the bottle mouth vertically,
press the open button and press down hard to exit the complete bottle stopper
to avoid plugging and dropping, and easily open the lid.

Super battery life, can open 70 bottles continuously
Upgrade the traditional battery design, using 550 mAh lithium battery, which can be recharged and used,
which is convenient for environmental protection. When fully charged, and using the correct method,
more than 70 bottles can be opened continuously at one time.Tookfun.
Charge for 3 hours for the first time to activate lithium battery performance,
and it will be fully charged in the next 2.5 hours.

Open in 6 seconds and enjoy the wine
Selection of aviation-grade rare earth permanent magnet motors, high-precision special gears
and bronze alloy bearings, powerful torque "inner core" combination of high-speed operation to achieve
a new record of 6 seconds of super-fast bottle opening, allowing you to enjoy delicious wine instantly.

Universal interface, charging anytime, anywhere

Power display, leading 2.0 new features

Red and blue light, intimate prompt operation.
(Show blue light when opening bottle; Show red light when backing out)


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