Electric scooter folding 120 W


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  • Color: Red and Black/Black
  • Measurements: 74 x 36 x 86 cm (L x W x H)
  • Wheels: 13.75 cm (5.5 ")
  • Maximum load capacity: 50 kg
  • Engine: 120 W, 12 km / h
  • Attention: Due to its maximum speed, this toy is not for children under 6
  • WARNING: Do not use this toy outside private property, as it may present a potential hazard.
  • WARNING: Use with protective gear. Do not use on the road.

This sensational electric scooter is suitable for children from 6 years and with max. 50 kg loadable. A powerful 120 W motor accelerates the scooter up to 12 km / h.

This electric scooter runs quietly and quietly and has an environmentally friendly electric drive. It is equipped with a powerful battery that provides up to 1 hour of driving fun (depending on the discharge). The scooter is equipped with rear wheel brakes. This electric scooter has a sturdy collapsible aluminum and steel frame.

The delivery includes 1 e-scooter, 1 charger, mounting hardware and spare fuses.





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