Electric Heater Smart Version 1S Fast handy Heaters for Home Room Fast Convector Fireplace Fan Wall Warmer Silent


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Main Features

Radiant Heater Smart Version 1S Main Features
* Multiple intelligent controls, 2200W fast warm room
* Can be scheduled to open, remote control
* 16-28 ℃ precise constant temperature
* Natural convection heating, quiet and not dry
* High-efficiency aluminum sheet ridge-type heating element,efficient heat conversion
* Innovative honeycomb oblique wind guide net
* IPX4 splash-proof water
* Large digital display, touch control
* The product will automatically power off when it is tipped over. Overheating protection
* Small footprint.The weighs only about 6kg.
This product has a voltage of 220V, it does not support the United States / Canada / Japan.


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