Electric Hand Palm Massager Heated Finger Apparatus Physiother Air Compression


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Main Features

Smart air pressure, spot massage, heat compression, massage the pressure points around the palms and fingers. Great gift for people who use their hands more without relaxation like computer worker, pianist, housewife, etc. The Total Hand Massager takes the stresses and tension out of everyday life to give you a solid massage experience that is not like the one you've tried before. The hand massager is designed to calm and restore your hands. Just put your whole hand into the soft, fabric-lined Chamber and turn it on. Integrated air pressure Inflates and deflates to eliminate pain and stress. At the same time, the heat compression function to care for the skin of the hand.


1. Smart Self Timer Hand Massager:
Adjustable air pressure (circulating from low to high) with optional heating compression massage for 5 minutes duration (preset timer 5 minutes, 15 minutes 10 minutes and optional manual). Manually operate the related function buttons to switch between air pressure and hot compression modes.
2. Wireless and portable with brightness
Lightweight 750g allows anyone to massage from anywhere. Provides maximum portability. It is suitable for home, office and travel for wireless use.
3. The best gift for you, your friends and family:
Every day, you just need to wait 10-20 minutes to wear after a tiring day using your hand, the massage will stimulate the nerves in your hands and help your hand, palm and finger blood circulation to improve cold fingers in winter.
4. Beautiful hand in a long round
If used long-term, it also makes your hand skin delicate and beautifies your hands.


Material: ABS

Color: White

Voltage: 5V

Power: 8W

Battery Type: 1800/2200mAh

Time Setting:10-15 minutes

Product Size:approx.210x178x104mm

Weight: Approx. 750g




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