Electric Bike 7 Speed Foldable Electric Bicycle 20 Inch 50KM Range Double Shock Absorption 500W 10.4Ah E Bike


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Main Features

Detailed Configuration

Net weight: 29 kg
Gross weight: 35 kg
Frame: 20-inch aluminum alloy 6061
Fork: suspension fork
Front light: LED light
Electric mileage: 30-40KM
Power mileage: 40-50KM
Battery capacity: 36V 10AH
Motor power: 36V 500w
Drive mode: electric, assist, riding
Controller: 36V intelligent controller
Tire specification: 20*4.0
Transmission: Shimano 7-speed
Standard load: 150KG
Top speed: 25KM/H
Brake system: front and rear mechanical disc brakes
Meter: Linghui 866 meter
Charger: 42V2A certified by European regulations


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1. Please use the original charger
2. Please charge regularly when not using the product for a long time, please charge it at least once a month to prevent the battery life from declining
3. The battery is charged in an environment above 0 degrees and below 40 degrees
4. Please do not charge more than 10 hours
5. Charging must be in a ventilated, dry, safe place with no flammable substances around
6. The lithium ion battery is charged more than 300 times, and the performance is reduced by more than 10%
7. Charging connection method: first connect the charger to the charging hole of the car body, and then talk about the charger plug and the power connection, please be sure to follow this order


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