E Bike Battery 48V 13Ah 624Wh Pedelec Conversion Kit Li-Ion Frame Battery


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Main Features

The input is more stable and the service life is longer.
Built to the highest standards that has been tested.
Widely using for electric bikes, bicycles,mountain bikes and more.
High efficient electric core.
Large capacity design.
100% guarantee that this battery can be replaced with the battery used on your e-bike, can not be assured because there is a very large variety of different e-bike models, which were not transmitted to us by the individual manufacturers.

This battery is used as a replacement for existing e-bike systems of various bicycle brands.
Professional replacement battery.
Novel appearance and stable output.
Voltage: 48V

Capacity: 13Ah

Energy: 624Wh

Standard charge: constant current 2A, constant voltage 54.6V, 200mA cut-off

Cycles: Up to 1000 charge / discharge cycles,> 60% remaining capacity after 500 cycles

Max. Charge current: 3A

Max. Discharge current: 20A

USB connection: 5 ± 0.3 V, 1 ± 0.2 A

Chill charging: 0-45 ° C

Operation Chill: 0-60 ° C

Storage: -5 ~ 35 ° C, relative humidity <75%

Battery Dimensions (AM): 36.5 * 9 * 11cm

Bracket Dimensions (HM): 41.5 * 19.5 * 14.5cm

Total weight: 5.1KG

Lockable: incl. Battery key

Charger: incl. 2A charger</75%


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