DXL360S Digital LCD Protractor Inclinometer Single and Dual Axis Level Box


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Main Features:
Press Angle key at the first face, and then rotate slowly and must keep the rotation axis to another testing face
DXL360: High accuracy ±0.1 degree, high resolution 0.02 degree
Dual and Single axis with user friendly LCD display angle
With Built in Lithium lon Rechargeable Battery
V Shape metal case for easy to fit at the corner or pipe
5 Side Magnetic base
Audible alarming at settable angle range
You can measure the angle between two faces, not only in earth gravity direction
Application: Interior decoration, Construction area, Plumbing, Floors and stairs, Woodwork, etc

1.This unit CAN NOT connect to PC
2.The unit could be charged by connecting the USB cable to the unit and a computer USB port
-Interior decoration
-Construction area
-Floors & Stairs