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Main Features

Dreame Intelligent Temperature Control Hair Dryer
Hair ArtistQuick dry hair
Constant temperature protection
Negative ions smooth hair
360 degree magnetic suction nozzle
110,000 rpm high speed brushless motor
High speed air flow
Intelligent temperature control
Negative ion hair care
Humanized design
Magnetic design
Strong airflow, derived from core power
Equipped with a 110,000-rpm high-speed brushless motor for a smooth blowing experience
Girls’ hair is the gentleness of the world
Low temperature and quick drying is the key to correct blowing hair
Design of high speed air conduction channel to create double outer air flow
60m/s super high wind speed, faster dry hair
To cherish every hair is to retain the years.
Blowing and protecting one, reducing physical hair loss
Double insulated wind nozzle
360 degree magnetic connection
Switch freely according to your modeling needs
Constant temperature care to avoid overheating damage
Air outlet constant temperature detection
Negative ions care for hair, smoothing hair is more supple
Ten million high concentration negative ions, direct to the hair surface
Subsidence air inlet
Avoid hair stranding danger
Removable filter to keep the air inlet clean and unobstructed
Vertically placed motor structure for comfortable use by girls
Maintaining a dynamic balance of grip
Switch / wind speed gear
High speed windshield
Low speed windshield
Shut down
Temperature Gear
White light: natural wind
Orange light : warm wind
Red light: hot wind
Moon pit type concave design
Have a futuristic sense while at the same time subtly reducing the weight of the machine
Two wind speed and three temperature regulation
One-click cold air shaping


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