DR. Bei Bamboo Toothbrush Comfortable Soft Brushed Cleaning Gums With Travel Box Dental Care


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Main Features

Japanese antibacteria l Soft hair | Patented bristles layout | Safety formula | Scientific whitening
Pigment full of anti-bacterial fur, escort your health
Dr. Bay has customized all antibacterial soft hair without any pigmentation. It has been tested by Japanese authorities and has an antibacterial efficiency of 99%.
Soft hair inventor, tailored bristles for you
Japan Toray is the inventor of the sharp-edged soft hair technology. Dr. Bei and Dongli jointly customize it, which is more suitable for the oral cavity of the Chinese people. The tip of the bristles is 0.02mm.
Patented bristles, massage gums to reduce compression
The doctor's patent # scientific bristles layout: mountain structure + Sanming contact bristles layout, can quickly clean the plaque, relieve gum blood, give the gums massage level enjoyment.


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