Digital Microscope Skin Hair Scalp Detector Digital Microscope Skin Analyzer For Hair Care


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Digital Microscope, Skin Hair Scalp Detector Digital Microscope Skin Analyzer For Hair Care And Skin Care

Please note that this product does not include a mobile phone. The below image is just a demonstration of the use of this product. – The working distance of Skin Hair Detector is 0, and it must be close to the object observation. – Double-sided tape We have a sticker on our product. It can be pasted repeatedly without being soiled. One of the boxes can be replaced by one. – When observing the skin, because there is oil on the surface of the skin, it is better to wipe it with a clean cloth cloth after use. About the product : The instrument utilizes the optical principle to generate an image of the detected skin or hair through lens a cquisition and magnification, and displays on the screen what is invisible to the naked eye for analysis, and then obtains a conclusion for detecting whether the human skin or hair is normal. Pore ​​clogging condition, oily / dry hair, hair growth, hair loss, white hair, damaged condition and other head hair condition. When human eyes want to see the skin, hair, hair follicles of the small state of unclear or invisible, through the amplification function of the instrument, on the computer monitor formation. Package List: 1 x hair microscope


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