Digital Finger Oximeter Portable Electronic LED Display Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Oxymeter


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Main Features

product features:
1. Display parameters: blood oxygen SPO2 value, pulse PR value, blood oxygen bar graph, pulse waveform graph, PI (perfusion index), respiratory rate monitoring parameters
2. Display screen: The product adopts blue and yellow color OLED display, and the brightness is adjustable in 5 levels
3. Display mode: four directions, six display modes
4. Energy saving and environmental protection: The product has low power consumption, and the two AAA batteries can be used continuously for more than 40 hours
5. Voltage warning: When the battery voltage is too low may affect normal use, there is a low voltage warning prompt
6. Automatic shutdown: When no signal is generated, the product will automatically shut down after 8 seconds
7. Advantages: Set blood oxygen probe and processing display module in one, simple product use, low power consumption, small size, light weight, easy to carry

Package Contents:
-1 x fingertip oximeter (PE bag)+EVA Bag(free)
-1 x lanyard
-1 x white card lining
-1 x English user manual
-1 x color box


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