Diffuser Ozone Air Purifier Formaldehyde Removing Car Deodorization Air Ionizer Rechargeable Ozone Generator Prevent Germs


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Main Features

【Efficient Sterilization & Deodorization】The internal ozone generator sprays the ozone constantly when operating. Ozone can efficiently remove the bacteria, odor and other toxic substance, giving you a clean space.

【USB & Chargeable Battery】USB charging port and 1200mAh battery make you use ozone machine anywhere wirelessly. Auto-off function and one button make it more convinient.

【Healthy & Eco-Friendly】O3 machine uses high-pressure discharge to change oxygen in the air into ozone, ozone will change back into oxygen again after sterilization and odor removal without comsuming any raw material.No need to replace filters and other accessories, help you save money.

【Compact & Portable】Only 0.4KG,you totally can hold o3 air purifier in your one hand. This product body is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which is more textured and durable.

【Multi-Purpose】Disinfect & deodorize your car, clothes, mask, phone, shoes, washroom, small room, cabinets, wardrobe, refrigerator, pet homer etc.


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